Beachin' Aint Easy

Beachin' Aint Easy

If you are like me I always forget something and have to the trek to the condo multiple times for the sunscreen, swim diapers, and all the snacks. This year with my little one being older and eating as much as we do and being twice as active I feel like I need to create a checklist compiled of all the moms tried and true items.

As much as I love the beach I think we can all relate to the distain of sand, this year to combat it I am going to bring my Midi Gathre mat and my Washable Paper pouches. I love the Gathre products, because not only is it nice quality leather, it creates a barrier from your loved ones and harsh surfaces. Plus who wouldn't love the ease of simply wiping sand off. Now I don't know where I've been but I have recently learned about wet bags and these Washable Paper pouches, my summers are forever changed. Storing extra diapers, wipes, baby powder (Tip: Sprinkle some on your baby to easily remove sand from their feet and hands), and a change of clothes in one pouch and snacks in another, keeps everything sand-less!


But Mama don't forget about you! Grab you a wet bag and fill it with sunscreen, lip balm, some hair conditioner (Tip: Put some in your hair before and after swimming in the ocean. It creates a barrier from sun damage and keeps moisture in), and a good book to settle in with. I know I will be taking in the sun and staying hydrated with my Sips bottle, after all us moms need vacation too even if its five minutes before we hear "Mom, Mom, Mom...."

Victoria Russell

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