From the Mom who Swaddled...

From the Mom who Swaddled...


Muslin and stretch cotton to zippered and velcro swaddles, I believe this is what contributed to longer hours of sleep for my little one and me. My son, very early on was diagnosed with severe acid reflux and GERD, so sleeping in his bassinet propped up was not allowing us to rest well. I looked up all the benefits to swaddling and being a first time mom I realized that swaddling and sleep sacks were not just for newborns and that I could continue to use them until he started rolling over.

I was gifted a couple of Muslin swaddles that had the cutest prints like the Kiin, Mushie, and Mebie Baby swaddles we carry in Tiny Pines. I will be honest here I had to watch a couple of youtube videos to get the hang of it, but with my son being a June baby the breathable material of Muslin was so great.

The best swaddle in my opinion is the stretch cotton swaddles, Mebie Baby carries a fantastic one that is buttery soft and comes in plenty of colors. The reason I love these is you can really get precise with swaddling, it holds them in comfortably and you won't find them sticking there hands out scratching their precious faces. 

Some of the benefits I personally found was yes a more peaceful sleep, but I also saw it calmed him, lowered his heart rate, and also helped with self soothing. I do think the swaddling help me transition him into his own room and sleep through the night at five months. 

Thank you so much for being apart of the Tiny Pines Family. Comment below if you have your favorite swaddles or tips and tricks!

Victoria Russell

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