What's in your Diaper Bag?

What's in your Diaper Bag?

Just as your role of Mom is ever evolving, so are the items in your diaper bag. But the essentials stay the same. Being a mom to a rambunctious two year old boy I can never go wrong with extra clothes, my travel size Puracy stain remover, Ubbi diaper sacks (which are scented thank goodness), and of course diapers and wipes.

Something I have now added to my arsenal is the Wash with Water: Care and Repair Balm. From chapped lips to scraped knees this balm heals all bumps that comes with motherhood.With all the extra space my Fawn Design bag provides it allows me to add the daily snacks and some fun toys and books.


I would love to hear from all my fellow mamas out there in the comments below what are your go to diaper bag essentials? Times are always changing and bringing in new products that I am sure any new mothers would love to hear what is tried and true! 

Victoria Russell

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